An AmeriCorps volunteer plants a young seedling.

Planting Our Future Forests

We work with public and private land owners throughout the Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas to find suitable planting sites: burn scars, old logging roads, thinned areas, eroded slopes and in other areas in need of restoration.  We organize plantings in the spring and fall, because the soil is naturally moist and the conditions are best.

Planting trees is a fun way to educate and involve the public in forest restorationWe teach our volunteers about the importance of native plants, the threat of invasive species, local forest ecology and history.  Most importantly, they get the satisfaction of digging in the dirt to plant sugar pines that will enhance our local forests for years to come!

Educating the Next Generation

We work with schools throughout the Tahoe region to run Student Plantings that teach and empower kids to become good stewards of the land.  The students learn about forest ecology and management, watershed science and native wildlife.  They love getting their hands dirty, planting trees and getting involved in real life problem solving.


Growing Seedlings

The CalForest Nursery in Etna, CA grows our rust-resistant sugar pine seedlings for us from the seed we collect. CalForest has a 98% success rate in germinating and raising our seed into 1-year-old seedlings ready for planting! The seedings are raised outside, so they are already adapted to outdoor growing conditions.

We are also working with Grisham Family Tree Farm in Glenshire, CA to raise 3-year-old trees for landscaping purposes.

Young seedlings watered by drip irrigation at the Grisham Family Tree Farm.